Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttocks AugmentationBrazilian Butt Lift

What is a Buttocks Augmentation?

A buttocks augmentation is also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. It uses the concept of  fat grafting/transfers as well as fat Injections to augment or volumise the buttocks area. Fat grafting uses your own fat cells for the augmentation, meaning that the body not reject the transfer and, in turn, limits the risks associated with other treatment options. The procedure harvests fat cells from a selected part of the body, cleanses them, and then requires injecting them into the muscle tissue of the buttocks. This will enhance the size of muscles, giving it the volume that is desired without the need of prosthetic or artificial implants.

What is a Buttocks Augmentation?

Usually the fat is harvested from areas such as the thighs, abdominal region or the love handles. This will sculpt the waist into a smaller size, while the transfer of the fat into the buttocks tissue increases the volume of the buttocks. The procedure then becomes a long-lasting body contour that achieves a more shapely buttocks and more effective curves for an “hour glass” body shape. A buttocks augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift has become increasingly more popular all over the world.

FAQ on Brazilian Butt Lift

No. The procedure is done to the desired size. There is about a 30% reduction in size after the insertion, once swelling has gone down. This means that the initial look will only appear to be bigger than what it will be after a few days.

Common risks include bruising, swelling, stiffness, redness of the skin, bumps or uneven skin and potentially asymmetry. These complications can be avoided when following the guidelines given for both pre and post procedure.

There is less likelihood of an allergic reaction due to the fact that the fat is the persons own DNA. The fat is also rinsed and treated with anti-biotics decreasing the risk of infection.

Recovery can be between four and six weeks for someone to rejoin the gym or be involved in vigourous physical activities.. Daily activity to be resumed within 7 days.

The enhancement can last up for 5 five years and more. This is because the fat is inserted inside the muscle sheath so the bpdy does not break it down.