Intra-Dermal Thread Lift

Thread lifts are the 21st century face lifts that don’t require surgery. This makes it minimally invasive with immediate results that are visible after a 30-minute treatment. Threads are sub-dermally applied absorbable sutures, which reshape the face through a lifting action. Threading also has a regenerative action which restores volume by stimulating the fibroblasts that produce collagen. Over time the result is a youthful and defined, yet soft and natural appearance.

JVA Medical Suites offers two brands of threads, which each have their own specific functions for patients. These are namely:

  • Princess® Threads­­ (PDO thread lift)
  • Silhouette Soft​

The functions of Thread lifts include:

  • Jawline lifts
  • Brow lifts
  • Midface lifts
  • Neck lifts
  • Nose Narrowing

FAQ on Thread Lifts

The most common effects are bruising and puckering (unevenness). These effects subside after a maximum of 5 days. There is a downtime from strenuous physical activity for 2 days.

Thread lifts last for a minimum of a year. The purpose of the thread lifts is to have a long-lasting effect, which means that with the collagen production stimulated from the insertion of the thread, the results improve over time. The greatest results are often seen after six weeks, even though immediate results are often evident after the procedure. The threads will eventually dissolve once the body has broken the threads.